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Activities of Anant Ayurveda Trust

Anant Ayurveda Trust was born with the sole objective of providing affordable Ayurvedic treatment to the masses. It started in a very small way, with just a dream. But today, with the unrelenting support of its trustees and donors, Anant Ayurveda Trust has set up a Charitable Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre at Kanaipur, Konnagar in West Bengal, India.

Following activities were undertaken by the Trust to promote the Ayurvedic System of healing:

  • The Ayurvedic Hospital and Outdoor has been run on a charitable basis since 1992 with the help of public contributions.

  • The Trustees are maintaining "Herbal Garden" whereby plant awareness is being increased. In Ayurveda, allied materials are required for Purification and Incineration in medicinal use. Herbs are required for supplementing ANUPAN and SAHPAN.

  • Assistance is being provided to Ayurvedacharyas (B.A.M.S) in learning "PANCHAKARMA". They have to work in Clinical as well as Theoretical Research. They have to treat the ailing people in the outdoor dispensary as well as teach the people "Ahar Vihar, Pathya Pathya and Nirog Padhati".

  • The Trust is maintaining well equipped Lab., a Library, a Pharmacy and Outdoor and also Indoor facility since 2005.

  • General Outdoor functions 6 days a week from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m (Tuesday to Sunday) (Monday close).

  • Different chronic diseases are being treated related with "Trimarmas", including kidney diseases and others. Kidney related serious complications like Nephritis and CRF are getting cured by Ayurvedic treatment.

  • The best expertise, under the guidance of a senior physician, is provided to the BAMS graduates, who are involved in different duties, fostering Ayurvedic knowhow. They also receive monthly allowances.

  • The Trust uses the "Hospital" for Research and succeeded clinically in Ayurvedic application and animal experiments over domestic animals. Doctors and Volunteers are working with seriousness and sincerity.

  • Trustees do assist for the relief of the sick and ailing persons time to time as per requirement.

  • Specific R&D system of working with hematological help is carried out with a trained staff.

  • Six Ayurvedic Kavirajs are working with theoretical and practical ways of treatment following the Ayurvedic system.

  • Health awareness, field work and herb collection and recognition are carried out for the benefit of ailing people as well as teaching is also imparted on 'Gad Nigrah'.

  • A team of 24 volunteers are serving the ailing people with utmost sincerity.

    * Senior volunteers who serve from Garden to Offices.
    * Medicine distributors & help in Scientific Lab.
    * Giving "Aya" maid servant duties.
    * Manufacturing medicines and learning the different methods of preparations.
    * Surveying the people with follow ups.

  • Utmost importance is to be given to the overhauling of the teaching system in the Ayurvedic colleges where only quacks are being produced.

  • The Trust can utilize every penny for the development of Ayurveda in three ways:
    *  MANTRA CHIKITSA - The ancient Authority - SHUKRACHARYA Ref. "Jalandhar Badha" Shiv Puran.
    *  TANTRA CHIKITSA - The ancient Authority BRIHASPATI
    *  YANTRA APPLICATION - Hindu Chemistry + Modern Scientific Achievements in Diagnosis and Treatment by use after these 3 ways Pharmacognostic and Biotechnological applications are to be followed.