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Profile of Anant Ayurveda Trust

Anant Ayurveda Trust was born with the sole objective of providing affordable Ayurvedic treatment to the masses. It started in a very small way, with just a dream. But today, with the unrelenting support of its trustees and donors, it Anant Ayurveda Trust has set up a Charitable Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre at Konnanagar, Kanhaipur, (W.B), India, on a piece of land measuring 1.75 acres.

Dr. B. K. Mishra It has an outdoor and indoor treatment facility, a research lab, a nursery and an animal husbandry. The Trust has another plot of land at Panagarh, West Bengal, measuring about 10 bighas for future use.

We are a Charitable Trust with Notary Regd. No. 201-85 Govt. of India, Kolkata, incepted on the 26th day of May 1988. No Regd. 394/88. We have 80G exemption. Our registration has further been done u/s 7 of the Charitable & Religious Act, 1920 by the learned Registrar of the Kolkata High Court 0.8 Kolkata dated 17.09.2005 ATA No. 1 of 2005 in the High Court of Kolkata, ordinary original Civil Jurisdiction.

Six Ayurvedic Kaviraj are working on theoretical and practical ways of treatment following the Ayurvedic system. Different chronic diseases are being treated related with 'Trimarmas', including kidney diseases and others. Kidney related serious complications like Nephritis and CRF are getting cured by Ayurvedic treatment.

In the year ending March 2015, the Trust served 62,580 patients of different diseases of chronic nature, on a charitable basis.