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What Is Ayurveda

What is ayurveda

"Ayu" is a constituent of the body, organs, mind in all respect psyche wisdom and conciseness and self and the constituent itself is bound in such a way that can be called as "Samavay Sambandh" - unbreakable reactant. When the "Samavay" relation is broken, there is no life. So, the Samavay Sambandh is more important because it can count the time in a second to 100 years.

Previously, in the ancient days, the people used to be living more, but with the effect of more and more restrictions, the continuity of the life became gradually shorter. The knowledge of this "Ayu" from all perspective viewed and analyzed in its health and ailments.

What is ayurveda In Ayurveda, the definite Aristha and pseduo-Aristha are also of importance. Where there is any natural dysfunction is to take place, the constituent hints at the forthcoming death is nearer. It may be instant to a year. So, the Ayurveda does not care for any accidental death, even they are known to Ayurvedist. In certain cases, the diseases based death can also be pronounced in the count down of the time.

Such a knowledge of life is no where else in the world.

It is Ayurveda which can always point out the definite prognosis.