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Founder of Anant Ayurveda Trust

Dr. B. K. Mishra

The Founder of Anant Ayurveda Trust is Kj. (Dr.) Budh Kumar Mishra. (M.A., G.A.M.S.) Even at that young age, the sole aim of his life was propagation of Ayurveda.

Kj. Dr. Budh Kumar Mishra comes from very humble family, where two square meals a day was a luxury. His family went through such severe hardships that the young decided that he would devote his life to serve the poor.

Just after acquiring his G.A.M.S degree, he started practicing in a rural area of West Bengal, knowing fully well that his earning would be very nominal, because most of the time he would have to treat the very poor for free.

Initially, it was very difficult for him to make both ends meet, but he never wavered from his principles. Slowly, word started spreading about his method of treatment, which people found to be very effective and much better than any other form of treatment. People started visiting him from far and wide, from the villages as well as the cities and from every corner of the country.

Today he has developed a huge following among the masses, who swear by him and his method of treatment. He diverts a large chunk of his earnings into Research & Development and preparation of medicines for his patients. Untiring research has helped him develop himself into an expert in kidney related diseases. In fact, it wont be and exaggeration if it is said that he is the only one in the world who can control CREATININE.

During the course of his journey, he met a few likeminded people, who together formed Anant Ayurveda Trust in the year 1988, with the objective of making Ayurveda the primary form of treatment for the masses.