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The Creation

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Mysteries of Creation

At the very beginning of time there was nothing but vast emptiness. Then through numerous cosmic evolutionary processes, the stars, the planets and other celestial bodies and matter came into existence.

We got our Sun and the solar system. Our Earth was completely different from as we know it today. It was a solid mass of rock, the air was full of poisonous gases and the entire planet was absolutely uninhabitable.

Very slowly the planet started cooling down which resulted in condensation. Condensation resulted in atmospheric precipitation i.e. rain. Water bodies started forming which resulted in the sedimentation of mud or earth. When a water body dried up, it left behind land mass.

The gaseous composition of the atmosphere underwent a change which made birth and survival of living organisms possible.

The process continued and the rest is history as we all know. Creation has two elements viz. The Visible and The Invisible.

Let us first dwell on Visible Creation.

Visible Creation are those elements of creation which our five senses can perceive. They are:
       i) Space
       ii) Sound
       iii) Air
       iv) Fire
       v) Water

Invisible Creation are those elements of creation which our five senses cannot perceive but inspite of that, we cannot deny their existence. They are:
       i) Time
       ii) Directions
       iii) Psyche
       iv) Soul

Creation of Life
Now, let us dwell on creation of Life, in particular.
As long as a baby is in the mother's womb, it is absolutely dependent on its biological mother for survival. But as soon as it takes birth and its umbilical cord is cut, the baby's custody passes on to another mother - Mother Nature.

From that point of time onwards till its death, it is Mother Nature who is responsible for its physical, mental and spiritual development and well being. It is this Mother decides upon the baby's destiny. As soon as the baby passes into the hands of Mother Nature, it is taught to chant a Mantra. It keeps on chanting this Divine Mantra till its last breath. Ayuvedic Articles

What is this Mantra?

       It is the Inhaling and Exhaling of a living being.
       It is the Mantra of Life.
       The moment the chanting stops, life ceases to exist.